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No credit check financing
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Vehicles repairs, tires, wheels, lifts, accessories
Approx. $50/month for every $1,000 spent on 36 month term
Min $1,000 loan - max $10,000 loan

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We provide automotive repair loans with no credit checks!

Let us handle the pains of dealing with your vehicle's repairs so you can get back on the road and to what matters the most to you. Take control and manage your loan with your online portal. You have the power to track, manage, and change everything at the tips of your fingers. The most painless and paperless solution!


What is the max and minimum loan amount?

Minimum $1000- maximum $10,000

What can I use the loan for?

Loans can be used to purchase parts and accessories for your vehicle. You can even use it to pay for the labour to install them along with any taxes. Often 100% of the invoice is financeable. *some limitations apply. See No Fly List

How long does it take to get an approval?

There are no approvals! Everyone gets a maximum loan amount based on the value of their vehicle. It takes SECONDS using our Max Loan Calculator found on the home page.

What if I have poor credit?

No worries, we don’t do a credit check. All max loans are based on the value of your vehicle.

Can I pay off my loan early or make lump sum payments?

Absolutely! We encourage you to pay off your loan as soon as possible. Using the DC app to access your loan enables to make lump sum payments or even move a payment whenever you want.

What terms are your loans?

All loans have a term of thirty-six (36) months. This allows you to take a large unexpected repair bill and turn it into low monthly payments.

What if my Max Loan Amount doesn't cover the whole cost?

You will have to make arrangements to pay any amounts over the Max Loan Amount with the service centre.

Do I need to own the vehicle and have insurance?

Yes, you do need to own the vehicle. It is ok if you have the vehicle financed through a third party, but you will need to provide proof of ownership. You will also need to provide proof of active insurance on the vehicle.

Can I receive vehicle repair financing if I have a present loan on my vehicle?


I'm self employed, can I get a loan to repair my vehicle?

Yes. There is no proof of employment required.

How long is the term of the loan?

All loans are based on thirty-six (36) month term to ensure you have a low monthly payment for your peace of mind. You can pay out your loan at any time with no penalties

How will I make payments?

Payments are set up for automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you think your will miss a payment, or have missed one, contact Driver Capital Ltd. ASAP or at least 3 business days notice. We try our best to work with you in difficult times.

What is the interest rate and payment on a loan?

On average a loan payment will be approximately $49 a month for every $1000 borrowed, with interest rates comparable to that of a department store or big box store charge cards.

Can I finance the sales tax too?


Can I get financing if my vehicle is used for buisness?

Yes, except “vehicles used for hire” (taxis, buses, rentals, etc.) do not qualify.

Will a GPS tracking device be installed in my vehicle?

Yes. A GPS device will be sold to you and installed on the vehicle. You will own the GPS device and be able to perform locates any time you want to use our customer portal. The cost of the GPS will be included in your loan and built into your monthly payment.

Are there any fees that accompany the loan?

Yes. A loan administration fee is built into your monthly payment reflected in the “Total Cost of Borrowing”. The Loan Administration Fee will be displayed in detail on your Loan Agreement. This fee is additional to the work order amount