Best Priced dealer award

Our Organization


At Legacy Auto Group we are a service oriented organization striving for business excellence. . .



Legacy Auto Group offers professional development opportunities for its team members ensuring that they are fully equipped to serve our customers to the best of their ability.
Each staff member is challenged to set goals and strive toward excellence. We believe that each team member deserves the opportunity to be the best, all the time.


Legacy Auto Group focuses on building strong professional, ethical, and accountable relationships amongst staff and customers. It is our belief that as an organization we must continuously strive to improve. It is imperative that we challenge staff to excel in character and leadership to serve our customers.


Legacy Auto Group offers a positive environment for team members to succeed in providing ultimate service and care for our customers. We realize that it is important to build credibility and trust, find out the customers needs, and strive to develop lifelong relationships

Our Mission

"Our mission is to develop strong leaders that are relationship oriented by enabling one another to act. This will be done through fostering collaboration, respect, cooperation, building trust, and strengthening others by sharing power and discretion for ultimate customer service."


Indicators for Growth

The indicators for growth will be consistent communication, stronger relationships between team members and staff and customer relationships. Growth in these attributes will be measured through staff reviews, customer call care center phone follow-up and customer service surveys.
. . . our visionary thinking and group participation in all work activities will empower staff members to continuously find innovative ways for superior customer service!