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Free Tire Storage at All Legacy Locations!

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Learn more about our free tire storage program by reading the FAQs below the form.

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    Free Tire Storage FAQs.

    Question: Do I have to purchase tires in order to be eligible for free tire storage?

    Answer: No, you do not need to purchase tires but you must be an existing customer who has either had service work done at the dealership or purchased a vehicle.


    Question: When does my free tire storage expire?

    Answer: Your tires are stored for either the winter or summer season. For example, if you came to us to put on your winter tires, we can store your summer tires for you at no charge, until the spring. We will book your appointment when there is a change in season, at which time we will change over your tires, and store the take-offs until they're needed again.

    Question: Where are my tires stored?

    Answer: We have large, secure storage facilities. The tires are labelled with your information and stored out of the elements, safely, until they you are ready to put them back on your vehicle.